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Forklift Safety Light can avoid 70% of forklift accidents, and forklift safety lights are a simple way to make forklift operators and pedestrians safer.
The Forklift Safety Light installed on the front or rear of the forklift will alert pedestrians when there is a forklift nearby and when it is approaching. These lights will project bright light on the front or rear of the forklift, depending on where the lights are installed.

As one of professional Forklift Safety Light manufacturers and suppliers in China, OWei provides OEM & ODM high quality LED lights. Click for our Forklift LED Safety Light, LED Warning Light and so on.

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Model NO. Forklift Safety Light - OW-4028-27W
Model NO. OW-9025A-25W
Model NO. OW-5027-18W
Model NO. OW-L815-15W
Model NO. OW-9921

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